Name and Age: Zoe, 18                                                

Pronouns: she / they

Sign: Sagittarius🌞 Cancer🌑 Taurus ⬆️

Instrument: Guitar/ Vocals

When/How we joined the band: I started Sunday Cruise when i was 15 years old in 2017

Pets: Tonka (dog) Bella (dog) Snooki (frog) Jwoww (frog)

Favorite Smell: Rain/ rainstorms

Favorite Minion: Phil

Shoe Size: 7 

Favorite Shade of Green: Olive

Smash Bros Main: Link

Favorite Member of Sunday Cruise: Levi

Favorite Sunday Cruise Song (Right Now): I Loved You

Dream Show Lineup: Arctic Monkeys, The muppets, Amy winehouse, Baby metal, The Naked Brothers Band, Modern Baseball