Name and Age:  Cassidy, 18

Pronouns: She/Her

Sign: Taurus-Libra-Cancer

Instrument: bass

When/How we joined the band: Joined in 2019 after meeting Zoe at a show

Pets: Ginger, Tigger, Shadow (cats) Lola and Nala (dogs) Maxxie (hedgehog)

Favorite Smell: Bread

Favorite Minion: Kevin

Shoe Size: 8

Favorite Shade of Green: Emerald

Smash Bros Main: Kirby

Favorite Member of Sunday Cruise: the panda

Favorite Sunday Cruise Song (Right Now): Chocolate Brioche Bread

Dream Show Lineup: Skrillex-Mac Miller-Big Time Rush-Cage the Elephant-Frank Ocean-Neon Trees